Artist Resources

Arts Alive! nurtures creative businesses, artists, and cultural institutions and works to build the creative economy for those brand new to the field, hobbyists turned professional, volunteers, and long-time professionals. We celebrate excellence in local arts through the Ewing Arts Awards, and help direct the Radically Rural arts track where rural arts experts to teach best practices. We are a go-to source for supporting creative enterprise.

A makerspace is a gathering point for people to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build businesses.

Membership to MAXT makerspace’s space at 49 Vose Farm Rd. offers personal studio spaces, shared workshops with advanced and hard to find equipment and tools, co-working space, learning opportunities, business skills development and opportunities for meet other talented people from around the region.

Our members include artists, musicians, craftspeople, programmers, inventors and entrepreneurs. Our space and programs are built around encouraging creativity and supporting their long term success.

The Peterborough Arts Collective is bringing local artists and art patrons together with the goal of providing an opportunity to collaborate, network, and raise awareness of issues affecting the local arts community.

This page is a forum for community members to discuss topics related to the Peterborough art scene.

Share your events, publications, volunteer requests, questions, classes, and anything else art related here! FaceBook Page