About Us

Monadnock Art / Friends of the Dublin Art Colony (MA/FDAC)

MA/FDAC is in its 26th year and it consists of well over 100 artists and several hundred non-artist members who share the passion for the very special art of the Monadnock region.  The organization is principally focused on promoting the art of its member artists and conducting the annual open studio tour on an early October weekend. This tour has become the largest open studio tour in New Hampshire.

Board Members

The Board of the Monadnock Art / Friends of the Dublin Art Colony  consisting entirely of volunteers who share a passion for the arts in the Monadnock region and a great love for this art tour.  The Board of Trustees plans, promotes and executes all aspects of the art tour each year, as well as the promotion of member artists throughout the year.

The current Board members are:

Susan Weller (President)
Bryan Field (Vice President)

Patsy Tompkins ( Treasurer)
Julie Gargan (Secretary)
Members at Large: Jessie Pollock, Maureen Ahern, Rose Lowry, Roy Schlieben, Donlin Foreman