Monadnock Art

Friends of the Dublin Art Colony

Our Mission

The mission of Monadnock Art is to support artists and amplify the artistic talent and diversity of the Monadnock region through special events, online presence, and community engagement.

Art Tour 2024
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October 12, 13, & 14

The Monadnock Art Tour is the oldest and largest artist studio tour in New Hampshire. It occurs during an October weekend each year, with 65 inspiring studios in wonderful locations! Click “Our Artists” to see profiles of our members and participating studios.

Our Artists

Monadnock Art is the largest art association in the Monadnock region and it represents many of the area’s great artists. This section provides links to “Artist Pages” for many of our artist members. See artist information and samples of works from each artist.

Lita Judge

Artist Resources

The Monadnock Region is also home to many fabulous arts organizations and collectives providing resources of all sorts for artists.  Check out the links below to find everything from workshops on social media skills, business planning, and “pop-up” events to hands-on workshops in ceramics, woodworking, and welding to brainstorming and a brew with like-minded creatives.  

Our History

Monadnock Art/Friends of the Dublin Art Colony is the longest running art tour in New Hampshire. It has deep roots, going back over 100 years to the legendary artists who founded the Dublin Art Colony in the late nineteenth century. In this section, learn about the history of the Dublin Art Colony and the Art Tour.

THE WORLD OF LONG AGO (39" x 30") oil & wax