Thomas Meyers

Artist Statement

The idea for this work comes from the exploration of various types of visual communication, spanning the ancient to the modern, such as; cave painting, written languages,calligraphy, maps,and charts. Continuing that tradition, the imagery in my work references these forms of expression and collages a bit of history. The work is a combination of collage and drawing. It is made with a recycled printed paper which has been treated to remove the ink. I draw with a knife, then apply ink washes to reveal those marks and torn edges. The pieces are then arranged, sometimes in layers and also at times woven.  Colored pencils used under the paper  and revealed through the holes in the treated paper. All is glued with a rice starch paste to a gesso coated watercolor paper. Additional coloring and drawing also occurs after glueing.


The process of creating this work unites three disciplines; collage, stained glass, and mosaic. This unique art form is comprised of various iridescent, painted, and textured glasses, hand cut and set, sometimes in layers onto a framed wood panel with a variety of other materials ; brass, porcelain, stone and or wood. My inate style of designing by collage, which I first used assembling works of paper, is the technique I find most natural and spontaneous.

Contact Information

2 Shire Road
PO Box 103
Hancock, NH 03449

Telephone: 603 525-3528


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