Soosen Dunholter

Artist Statement

Like my daily practice of walking in nature, I find the process of creating art similarly meditative. By taking each activity one step at a time, with no concern – or plan - for my destination in either experience, I remain grounded in the moment. I love collecting materials and images, thinking and pondering, and then launching into the hands-on aspect of making art when the spirit moves me.

I never rely on a preconceived idea or preliminary sketch in my collage and monoprint work. By utilizing a meditative or intuitive process, I orchestrate the array of chaos around me until all the diverse elements find their ideal fit and fall into place in perfect harmony.

For me art is a journey as well as a feeding the soul.


As an abstract artist working in many different mediums, Soosen enjoys the confluence of chance and experimentation. Her unique designs unify her love of color and pattern with her desire for storytelling. Focusing her attention on creating surface texture, Soosen uses a burnishing technique combined with an etching press to add unique patinas to the paper's surface. She then continues to rework and add imagery with hand-pulled prints, scraps of antique papers, pencils, paint and/or direct transfer techniques. She enjoys this self-developed method as it allows her to invent a unique color palette that gives her greater control over the look of the final piece.
     For Soosen's collagraphic monoprints, she starts by printing one of her handmade plates to create a base surface. She then adds collage elements, watercolor, or even sends it back through the press a second time. Many of Soosen's monoprints have gone through the etching press several times, building up layers of imagery with transparent inks on each pass. In the case of the Stone Cairn Prints, each individual stone represents a unique collagraph plate subsequently positioned into different arrangements creating "cairn families."     Never relying on a preconceived idea or preliminary sketch, Soosen utilizes a meditative or intuitive process in her collage and monoprint work. This approach allows Soosen to sort through the surrounding chaos until all the diverse elements fall into place. The final result is work that is not only harmonious, but also modern and contemporary.

Contact Information

Studio Address:
2018- Studio #10
15 Lookout Hill Road
Peterborough, NH 03458

Peterborough, NH 03458

Telephone: 603-398-5090


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