Sheila King

Artist Statement

My intent is to create paintings of emotional intensity that communicate to visual layers of the psyche.  For a single painting, I first do many preparatory, mostly geometric, drawings in colored pencil, choosing one that might work as a painting. The drawing is then enlarged and transferred onto a panel.

I use egg tempera medium on masonite panels which have been traditionally gessoed with whiting and rabbit skin glue. Layers of thinned, tempered pigment are then applied to the panels to create depth and brilliance of color. 

Sometimes, nature-inspired or architectural images appear in the paintings, but I've gravitated towards total abstraction of late.

 A painting goes through many changes, and is done when I feel its colors and shapes interact expressively, and create a lively, balanced composition with complex spatial relationships.

J.S. Bach, geometric abstraction and the natural world inspire my work.


Born Cambridge Mass.
Graduated; Colby Junior College AA 1962
Mass. College of Art BFA 1974

Lived in Boston area for most of life, moving to the Monadnock region in 1998.

Shown extensively throughout New England, and other venues. Work is represented in many private collections.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 42
Dublin, NH 03444

Telephone: 6035638196


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