Scott Cunningham

Artist Statement

My sculpture blends forged, new and found steel and seeks to achieve a floating spacial illusion married with a solid structural reality. Over 100 sculptures are installed in fields and gardens around our home. I enjoy seeing how in every season the sculpture changes with and complements the natural landscape. I am working towards a visual poetry.

I paint to connect to the spirit of a place. A painting will take into account my time there, as well as remembered and imagined time. The loose landscapes are painted with a milk and lime based paint called casein, similar to what New England farmers used to paint their barns and furniture. Color is sharp, dense and many layered.

I would like to think that my painting and sculpture illuminate each other adding further dimension to this artist's path.

Contact Information

379 Old Dublin Road
Hancock, NH 03449

Telephone: 603-525-4023

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