Sally Bomer

Artist Statement

My work explores drawing in its intimate relation to different kinds of movement: the human body in mark making; residual charcoal dust sweeping across a paper to create trails; the drawing itself moved by environment or manipulation; the long history of drawing in portraying and studying human anatomy; the disappearance of drawings left on the street; the side-stepping away from self towards empathy that beauty and abstraction can activate; or the structuring tenets of dance improvisation and choreography with which I have a long history and which inform many of my processes of drawing. 

In addition to my website, you can see more images on Instagram, sally.bomer


I am a visual and dance artist with an embodied drawing practice as well as a long career in contemporary dance. BA in Art History, Vassar College; MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, Goddard College.



Contact Information

Studio Address:
70 Main Street
Peterborough, NH 03458


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