Melody Zahn Russell

Artist Statement

In 1965 on the way to college my father announced, “By the way I’m not paying for you to become an artist. You need to have a practical job to support yourself.”

I became a teacher, with a Masters in Early Childhood Education.

Only later, when I realized that Art is healing did I allow myself the choice to call myself an artist.

From high school on I loved watercolor, poetry, theater, literature, creativity itself!

I studied more in England for three years at an international Waldorf college—Emerson in Sussex.

This was my re-birth!

Sculpture, Eurythmy! More painting and poetry!

Next five years Eurythmy training in New York.

Total immersion in art.

I felt blessed.

There I met my husband, and in the next couple of years Motherhood.

Blessed again.

I metamorphosed all of my esoteric “Art” into the humble MRS RUSSELL’S POTATOES (Potato Print Greeting Cards) and EGGSHELL STUDIOS “Hatch Out the Artist in You!”

I have discovered that teaching is my real art, because the creative process itself is my true love.

I believe the world needs active artists of every sort to be healthy and true!

Contact Information

89 Old Dubin Rd
Hancock, NH 03449

Telephone: (603) 547-0887


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