Michelle Russell

Artist Statement

My art celebrates the beauty of this Monadnock Region. I love our forests, ponds, rivers and fields, our animals, birds, butterflies and insects, and the people who choose to live here!

I delight in finding natural materials to work with, and I see potential in a piece of bark, or a handful of wool. 

I am happiest when I work with my hands; and hope that you enjoy my work! 


For as long as I can remember, making art has been a big part of my life.

As the daughter of an independent art teacher, classes of children and adults have always met around our dining room table painting, drawing, felting.  Our house is a studio, full of art supplies and ongoing projects!

So, creating things became part of my identity: a way of seeing the world, and participating in it.  

When I went to Colby College, though I majored in Environmental Science, I couldn’t help myself from minoring in art.  I spent much of my time in the painting and pottery studios.  Since graduating, I’ve continued to create. I use natural materials like wool to make felted wall-hangings. I spin angora and wool to knit cowls, fingerless gloves, hats and sweaters. I discovered woodburning on birch-bark.  My work has been shown and sold in local shops, cafes and libraries. 

Contact Information

89 Old Dublin Rd
Hancock, NH 03449

Telephone: 6035470893

Website: humminghands.com

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