Mary Filapek & Lou Ann Townsend  

One Flower Box Ring to Rule Them All

Artist Statement

We create elegant, modern, botanical jewelry. Our current body of work speaks to our love of long walks in the woods, stone pathways, cultivated gardens, wildflowers and brambles. Dappled light slipping through canopies creates openings to other dimensions and places in time and space. Flowers are often otherworldly; their precise architecture and complete organic chaos existing in perfect balance.

Our work is born from a collaboration that is always evolving in its details. We thrive on the development of work through a constant exchange of ideas and the challenge of allowing each other the freedom to explore our passions while remaining true to the perpetually growing vision of our joint body of work. Our choice of materials include sterling silver, 24K gold, powdercoated base metals, semi-precious stones and anything else that catches our attention.

Our collaboration began while attending the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque where we were both completing BFAs, Lou Ann with a focus in Metal Arts and Mary in Photography. We have shown our work in galleries, museum exhibitions, art festivals, craft shows and exhibitions in print. We currently live in North Carolina and have been collaborating continuously for 20 years.

Contact Information

Concord, NC


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