Lynn Forsyth

Artist Statement

My work consists of mostly bird photography and acrylic paintings of villages on canvas and barrel staves.


In 1984 I moved to the Monadnock region with my husband, John and my daughter, Nicole. I reduced my full time teaching commitment and took up the hobby of photographing birds. I was delighted to learn that many species of birds nested and visited the pond and marsh in my backyard. I tried photographing these birds, joined the Monadnock Camera Club, and took a course in Ornithology from Cornell University.
Although I tried photographing other subjects, I have found the photographing of birds the most rewarding.
Birds are secretive and to stumble upon the sight of a species I have never seen before makes my heart beat faster. Most of my pictures are birds seen in my backyard. Some are shore birds taken in South Carolina, some are birds seen in a zoo or a raptor center and some were taken in California. I have many framed prints and matted prints available for sale. I also have greeting cards of varied species.In the 1990’s I became interested in learning to paint with acrylics. My painting teacher was very supportive and taught me to paint on barrel staves. I thought it would be interesting to do a scene of every village in New Hampshire. However, since I would have to travel to every village, I decided to start with the Monadnock region. I visited many villages, took pictures and used some "artistic license" to paint those villages. I did some research on the internet for information on these villages. Some of the information that I learned is written on the back of the barrel staves. Each village has a character of its own. As I stood and looked at libraries, old meeting houses, churches, post offices, factories, and individual homes, I felt the presence of people from the past, whose dreams and ideas went into the design and construction of each building. There are so many unique buildings that I saw no where else, like the tiny windows under the eaves of the yellow house in Walpole, NH., the huge library in Winchester, the three denominational church in Marlboro, the stone buildings in Chesterfield, the blue church doors in Surry, and the cupola on the police station in Rochester; just to name a few. To me these barrel staves are panoramic views of  the individual contributions which people in the past and present have made to build their villages. Besides villages I also do some fictitious country scenes of farms, maple sugaring, and wildlife scenes.My photography and barrel staves have been exhibited at the Jaffrey Civic Center, Rivermead,  Peterborough Library and many craft fairs. I have also been a part of many Monadnock Camera Club exhibits.

Contact Information

175 Russell Station Road
Greenfield, NH 03047

Telephone: 603-547-5806

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