Johniene Papandreas

Artist Statement

Artist Johniene Papandreas' dramatic, large-scale paintings zero in on the enigmatic moments that usually escape conscious recogonition. Her portraits and figurative works capture the fleeting expressions between expressions with almost shocking aliveness, depth, and emotion.

Here are the moments thought private, unobserved, moments when you are inadvertently shown the aboslute truth...the moments just before the walls go up.


Ms. Papandreas transformed a design career in the New York theatre into a business designing environments for Corporate Theatre and Events before returning to fine art.  Her travels in the heightened world of theatre and sometimes surreal world of Corporate America contribute largely to the insights into human nature she explores in her work.  Her work can also be found at Art 3 Gallery in Manchester, NH and at Woorman/Shimko Galleries in Provincetown, MA and at Palm Springs, CA.

Contact Information

Studio Address:
71 Lounsbury Ln.
Peterborough, NH 03458

71 Lounsbury Ln.
Peterborough, NH 03458

Telephone: 617 515-3010


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