Jane Kronheim

Artist Statement

A diversified and ecclectic approach to creativity

One of the greatest gifts in life is the gift of creativity. To manifest original thought, bring it to shape, color, texture and function. I enjoy working with recycled materials. I refashion, repaint or re-tool them into new multi-sensory works of art. This has lead me into the decorative arts and the direct influence of a late 18th century New England Journeyman called Moses Eaton. It was apparent to me that this early artisan was influenced by the patterns that emerge from nature. After moving to Harrisville, NH, I chose to live in an environment overwhelmed by the bounty of nature in this part of the United States. This influence of pastoral surroundings, combined with the hunt for antiques and rare surfaces, has brought me to the current point of my work: One of intriguing folk art assemblages utilizing old barnwood, aged wooden ironing boards, architectural pieces, chairs, parts of tables, etc. Each finished product is one of a kind and tells it's own whimsical story.


Jane Kronheim was born in Cleveland, Ohio and completed her BA in fine arts and art education at Cleveland State University. She has combined her love of the arts with teaching. In 1979 she moved to the Boston area, where she pioneered numerous programs on behalf of children with special needs. This resulted in the development of multi sensory learning materials. Ever the artist, Jane had a need to connect more with nature, and moved to New Hampshire in 1993. In the Eastview area of Harrisville, Jane continues to blend her love of nature, teaching, folk art and ecclectic decorative arts.

Contact Information

PO Box 446
584 Hancock Rd.
Harrisville, NH 03450

Telephone: 603-827-3859

Website: eastviewartisan.com

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