Eleanor Briggs

Moose Brook Summer III

Artist Statement

For 20 years, I have photographed for conservation organizations in Asia and South America. I'd never photographed seriously here at home. But for the past three years I have been drawn by the beauty of our nearby wetlands. So besides work from Asia and Bolivia, I want to show you images of the equivocal wetland world seen from a kayak.


Whether up a tree in the flooded forest of Cambodia's Tonle Sap with bird guano, ants and a 400mm lens, or lurking in a blind in Bhutan's Himalayan foothills, Eleanor Briggs has photographed some of the most spectacular and wild parts of Asia.

Over the last three decades, Briggs' work has been shown in museums and galleries in New England, as well as around the country. Her photographs have appeared in national magazines and in books. Her work hangs in the American Embassies in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Lima, Peru. It is in the collection of the Currier Museum of Art. The government of Cambodia awarded her their Sahametrei Medal for her conservation efforts and book on that country (Tonle Sap, the Heart of Cambodia's Natural Heritage by Colin Poole published by River Books, Bangkok and available at the Toadstool, Peterborough).

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