Donlin Foreman

Artist Statement

Utility, Identity, Craft

Improvisation on these three elements is the foundation of my life as a craftsman.

They were fundamental to my thirty five year career as a dancer/choreographer/director and now they are the underpinning of my work with leather and found objects.

The Work gathers its voice from “line”. This was true of my work as a dancer and it is true of my work with leather. In both crafts line can keep the eye at the surface or take it into the well of the work.

At Horse Hill Studio, by the mill creek and amidst the brick and granite, heirloom-quality works of shaped, stitched, and polished leathers are created in one of the oldest traditions in the world, by the hands of the Craftsman. Here, a story unfolds physically in the look and feel of leather door and cabinet handles, knobs, walnut “Keepsake” boxes, buttons and wall hangings designed for house, cabin, barn and stable.

 Come and visit the Studio in Harrisville.