Diane Kidd

Artist Statement

The diversity of the world's landscapes offer a rich and never-ending source for inspiration and interpretation. Whether in Europe, Nova Scotia, the United States, or at home in New Hampshire, I view the world as a series of potential paintings. My paintings are interpretations of scenic and architectural subjects that I have seen while riding in the country or walking on a beach, through the woods, or along a quiet street. I incorporate the human figure into my paintings to enhance the meaning of a scene, showing an ice-covered pond enjoyed by hockey players or a Memorial Day ceremony with townspeople bearing witness. My subjects are scenes that most people pass every day and never notice. I strive to bring beauty out of these scenes for others to enjoy.


Diane Kidd earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Beaver College, where she studied under Benton Spruance and John Hathaway. Under the tutelage of John Cook of Toledo, Ohio, Diane was inspired to move from oils to watercolors for her artistic expression. A nationally known artist, Diane Kidd's watercolors are in numerous private and corporate collections.

Contact Information

5 Depot Road
Hancock, NH 03449

Telephone: 603-525-4049

Website: dianekidd.com

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