Danis Collett

Artist Statement

This year I've been making suspended silk gauze art pieces—single-unit mobiles—with solid objects suspended inside. Some are about water, others are room-height columns of abstract translucent earth imagery surrounding and obscuring solid ceramic ring rocks. The image on the Member Artists page is a floor-view looking up inside one of these. I love the way the earth has been laid down in layers and we get to see hints of that in stones with rings.

I keep experimenting in the air-borne possibilities that come with hanging off the wall.

Each project is an exploration. Even my scarf work is an adventure in line, form, and of course luscious color.


Life is as fluid as flowing silk, I find. I move between making art, teaching silk painting in my studio, teaching art to girls at summer camp, designing for print, and participating in the various duties, wonderful local activities, and friendships of life. I also get out of town now and then.

If the details interest you: BA in Fine Arts, St. Lawrence University; grad work in Communications, Simmons College; graphic designer for ages; silk painter since 2005.

My late husband, Wayne Mutchler, and I designed and built a house in Peterborough in 1990, where we raised our creative daughter, Ellie, who now lives in Europe. Thank heaven for skype. And I live and work in a renovated mill space with a river rushing by.

Contact Information

374 Union Street, Unit 409
Peterborough, NH 03458

Telephone: 603-231-8803

Website: www.daniscollett.com

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