Christopher Myott

Artist Statement

Much of my work focuses on aesthetic challenges; using line, color and pattern to organize a composition in a way that satisfies an itch. For me aesthetic choices take precedence, even if it means obscuring a concept. Lately I have fallen in love with the viewer's interpretation of a painting. It offers insight into their personality that is just as -if not more- compelling to me than any personal meaning I may have intended. My job is aesthetics; a residual benefit is emotional exploration. The work is only half finished until it's seen.


I grew up in Southern NH as 1 of 7 kids packed into what was once a mechanic's garage - turned 2-bedroom house. Both of my parents were small town, free spirited hippies. My father filled our 1/6 of an acre with turkeys, chickens, peacocks and pheasants. He spent his free time wrenching on old cars and trucks like his father before him; turning loud, gas guzzling speed machines into family vehicles. My mother collected oddities from local swap shops and landfill metal piles then sold them for extra money. I find inspiration in the oil soaked color pallet of industry gone by, rusty auto parts and junkyard treasures.

I spent a short time living in Boston working odd jobs, building custom bicycles, and painting. I moved back to NH in 2007 where I began painting full-time and selling work across the US and abroad.

Contact Information

22 Turnpike Rd
Jaffrey, NH 03452

Telephone: (603) 562 8013


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