Bryan Field

Artist Statement

Writing instruments furnish a unique platform for the artist. Within a very defined framework they provide opportunities to experiment with a wide selection of materials, from the many varieties of wood, natural materials like animal horn and stone dust, through modern plastics to metals both rare and common. Though the platform itself is small the diversity of styles give the artist an infinite scope of design possibilities.

 Each writing instrument I create may include many different materials and I like to think of these pieces as jewelry for the pocket. The character of the woods and other materials I use means that every pen or pencil is unique. Because the size of the finished pieces is limited by their function I can find unique materials not useful to other workers in wood.

 In addition to the creating fountain pens I can personalize nibs for the users individual writing style.

 I hope that every piece of work I produce will bring many years of joy to its owner and perhaps become an heirloom.


Bryan Field grew up in England where, among other things, he studied woodwork and metal work in high school. Leaving England to travel he met his wife in Israel and they later moved to New York where he graduated from Brooklyn College. Bryan and Linda lived in Maine for three years while he pursued a graduate degree in Oceanography. Much of his work is inspired by his love of the environment and his appreciation of Art Deco stained glass.  An avid traveler, Bryan takes inspiration from the places he visits, often collecting unique materials which can then be incorporated into his work. These experiences and the beauty of the local terrain enliven his work.

Mostly self-taught, Bryan has taken courses at Sharon Arts Center, Metalwerx, Keene State College and continues to learn through his affiliation with the International Association of Penturners.

Contact Information

69 Murphy Rd
Peterborough, NH 03458

Telephone: (603) 924-7225


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