Bob Marrone

Artist Statement

We live in an unfolding reality. The story is yet unfinished. Uncertainty in life can be discomforting. We struggle to find meaning in the midst of the chaos of life. In a world where oppressive systems remain, where the truth is suspect, where natural disasters turn lives upside-down, where tragedies happen, what are we to do?

The old hymn says:

We are often tossed and driven by the restless seas of time

Have you ever felt as if you were being tossed about in life? Waves come and go, and each one pushes and pulls us , each wave changes us a bit. As the waters pass by, they form and reform us, smoothing rough edges or sometimes breaking off pieces leaving scars.

Every day is a new wave and each wave leaves a mark, and these marks accumulate. Over time we show the signs of days and weeks and months and years. From the outside we may look like we are battered and bruised. We may look like a confusing jumble. There are signs of life’s ups and downs written all over us.

But on the inside we remain bright and fresh. The part of us that is filled with the spirit, is filled with light.

Sometimes we feel like we have been washed ashore by some storm of life. Other times we feel washed up, like there is nothing left. And sometimes we may feel washed out like we have been drained and what is left is a shell.

What is reflected in nature is chaos, not in the sense of disorder, but rather chaos which describes natural functions that do not conform to linear mathematical formulae. The mathematical and scientific field of Chaos helps to describe many phenomena in nature such as aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, and weather which defy simple straight line maths.

The resulting equations can create very natural patterns know as fractals.

Rather than tame nature into a more manageable form, I allow the chaos of nature to dictate the details in my painting. My approach to color, technique, and form allow organic patterns and textures to occur naturally, reflecting the way nature works rather than simply copying what nature looks like.

Embracing chaos is not just a way to paint, it can also be a way of life. Allowing the divine order of the universe to guide us through life, we may find a hidden richness in the midst of chaos.


Born in Brooklyn, NY, Bob Marrone moved around before coming to New Hampshire. Bob attended Keene State College where he studied under Bob Neuman. After graduating in 1987, Bob worked in human services and healthcare while raising 4 children with his wife Jodi. In 2004 Bob was called to be the pastor of a church in Monson, Massachusetts where he lived for 11 years. He earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Andover Newton Theological School in 2013. His doctoral project, Seeing the Gospel: The Art of Visual Liturgics, explores the affect of the visual environment on worship. In September 2015, Bob was called to be the pastor of Union Congregational Church in Peterborough, NH where he currently lives with Jodi.

Contact Information

47 Pine St
Peterborough, NH 03458

Telephone: 603-425-4578


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