Ann Falby

Artist Statement


Look…notice …respond



For me, visual art is an expressive language that I articulate in an abstract style. Limitless creative possibilities occur with abstraction and mixed media, where I am able to combine disparate objects. Ultimately my work is an attempt to manipulate artistic concerns: harmony aesthetics, structure, rhythm, composition, culminating in a unique perception of connectedness.


Intuitively, I choose my materials. I am drawn to reflective objects, metal and hardware. I am captivated by the dynamic mysterious behavior of light interacting with reflective surfaces; glass, mirror and metal. I ponder found wood. Its sensuous curves, its deep varied tonalities. I assemble my work using wire, screws, rods and washers. These items are an integral part of design providing strength and flexibility. I find these materials, although disparate, oddly similar and connected both literally and aesthetically.


I feel that with each work of art the lines of contrasting materials such as glass and wood, wood and ceramic, ceramic and wire – are in conversation. At times, agreeing and imitating each other’s gestures – connecting. At other times, they are oppositional – creating tension. Always, structurally relating to each other, balancing and dancing – accentuated by shadow and reflection. Each piece possesses subtle nuances underlining similarity, connectedness, mystery and possibility. Occasionally a work is punctuated with humor to complete the conversation. I think of the different materials immersed in conversation. I guide the conversation honoring and incorporating the principles and elements of art.


Ponder…wonder… pause …observe…reflect

Perfect yet imperfect

Contact Information

491 Sand Hill Rd.
Peterborough, NH 03458

Telephone: 603 924 -6517

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