Amy McGregor-Radin

Artist Statement

My art comes out of the wide range of emotions that result from my full time work--that of being a mother, wife, and growing woman. Humor, love, anger, joy, pride, worry, frustration, pressure, fear, celebration, appreciation, introspection...the list continues to grow as I learn about myself through the process of making art.

I have been creating white-line woodcuts, also known as Provincetown prints since 2002. When I go about my travels---daily or otherwise---I am often drawn to a scene, view of the horizon, or particular angle of an object. These are my favorite things to portray in woodcuts, in part, as a way of memorizing them for myself. This unique hand printing method gives me an outlet for expressing my appreciation for the world as I see it. I enjoy teaching this technique to others as well.

These projects have all been completed while attending Creative Exploration Workshops with Mary Craig McLane in Waltham and Acton, Massachusetts, or at my home studio. I have studied the white line technique with Ruth Hogan, Willy Reddick, Christian Kozaki, and Kathryn Smith.


Raised in Michigan, I headed East after college graduation and now consider myself a fully-rooted transplant. I first learned about the Monadnock area in high school through my brother Greg and have been drawn to it since then. My husband and I have had a home in Jaffrey for many years. Many of my prints are inspired by the scenes and surroundings--daily and otherwise-- of New Hampshire.

Contact Information

925 Webster Street Unit 6
Needham, MA 02492

Telephone: 7814002369


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