Alicia Cubbage

Day and Night Lily

Artist Statement

There is magic in the natural world; I don’t think it is always visible with the naked eye, so I like to bring it out in my paintings to show the beauty and mystery that is all around us. Each piece of my artwork represents the playful and whimsical element that is present in all of Earth’s creations. A child-like wonder is necessary to see that magic.

When you spend time with my artwork, you may feel a resurgence of the joy and wonder you experienced as a child; having grand adventures and making amazing discoveries right in your backyard. - Alicia Cubbage


Alicia is a Mystic Visionary, Intuitive Artist and Author. She creates intuitively, drawing from the visions that come to her through her spiritual journey.

Mystic: a person who seeks spiritual knowledge and unity with the Deity or the Absolute through contemplation and self-surrender.

Visionary: A person who uses their creative and imaginative abilities to create solutions and see possibilities before they exist.

Intuitive Artist & Author: A person who creates based on what they feel and know to be true even without conscious reasoning.

Alicia started painting in June of 2014 after attending a watercolor workshop at a weekend retreat. When she returned home from the retreat, she purchased a set of beginner supplies and started painting. Beginning with only shapes and lines on paper, Alicia eventually taught herself how to paint and draw, discovering her own style of showing the whimsical and magical side of nature through her artwork. 

She has since designed, illustrated and published an affirmation deck called “Love Notes from the Universe”, an Oracle Deck called “Mystic Visions” and a book called “Gaia’s Calling – A Journey to rediscover the Magic of the Natural World and your connection to it. 

Alicia is also an herbalist, practicing Kundalini yogi, Reiki Master, and Environmentalist. She lives in NH with her Husband, Step-Son, and fluffy Maine Coon cat Oliver.

Contact Information

Studio Address:
20 Mountain View Drive
Peterborough, NH 03458

20 Mountain View Drive
Peterborough, NH 03458

Telephone: 702-907-9656


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